Drop Cycles is about making riders faster.

Named for the term “drop” in cycling, which refers to the measurement of how low the handle bars are from the height of the saddle. These frames have the ability to offer more Drop than any other frame made for a comparable top tube length.

Founder Philip Shama designs the Drop 7Six5 based on more than a decade of experience fitting custom bikes to cyclists and racers. A common trend for what produces more power and reduces the aerodynamic drag of the rider.


The frame design focuses on geometry that lets the rider get in a more powerful position while making their body more aerodynamic and still be comfortable. Drop Cycles is for those who push themselves to their limit on a machine that enables their best. There is a better, faster way to ride and Drop Cycles is it.


More accessible power

The steeper seat tube angle provides for a forward position creating greater power transfer in addition to allowing the rider to maintain a smaller front profile aerodynamically. As the rider saddle is moved forward, the hip angle opens up allowing for better range and power. The open hip angle also allows the torso to fall further forward and providing better aerodynamics for the cyclist’s body.

hand built in America

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Designed in Houston, Tx, Drop Cycles is one of the few bike companies bold enough to build an all-american bicycle. While other bike companies are increasingly moving production overseas, great pride is taken in that all of the frame manufacturing is done in the United States. 

Drop Cycles is the answer to where the traditional bike industry isn’t. While the large manufacturers keep raising the stem and easing back rider position, the 7SIX5 puts the rider at a forward angle opening the hip. Allowing the rider to produce more power, Drop bicycles also focus on the rider positioning to decrease drag. The big industry players sell mostly uncomfortable aero-bikes, but the rider position holds back any possible gains from the frame. Drop in with a 7SIX5, riders both get more comfort less drag.

Drop Cycles IS  FOR:

  • those who are okay with hearing people “groan” when they show up to ride.

  • those who are okay with riding alone as others chase.

  • those who love QOMs/KOMs on Strava.

  • those who are "dream crushers" on the weekly club ride.

  • those who will attack the A group.

  • those who like to win!

  • Drop Cycles is for those who believe “every day is race day”.

  • those who believe in “all season”.

  • those who any time there are two riders riding together, there is a winner and a loser.

  • those who love hearing people complain about the pace while drafting off of you.

Drop Cycles is not  for:

  • those content with riding at the same speed their current “me too” bike offers.

  • those unwilling to make themselves suffer, knowing everyone is suffering even more.

  • those who like to go as slow as everyone else.

  • chill riders in the C group.

  • those who like recovery rides

  • those who don’t want to ride fast

  • those who think you have to ride slow to go fast.

  • those who want to stop at every rest stop possible.

  • those who believe in an “off season.”

  • those who like to draft and never pull.